Lakewood resident Tori Dubis started volunteering at City Dogs Cleveland last year regularly taking dogs out for long walks after being in cages all day.  Recognizing she couldn’t adopt every dog she walked, Tori wanted a way to help the shelter get their dogs adopted.

She put her illustration skills to work and created artwork highlighting various dog breeds. Then she printed them up on quality paper and started selling them on Facebook, donating all the proceeds to City Dogs.  It was a hit and a great fundraiser.

Afterward many of the shelter supporters asked Tori to do portraits of their dogs or their pets who had passed.  With all these requests coming in, she created a Facebook group to showcase these pet portraits.   Now anyone can get an illustration of their beloved dog or cat.

Tori is hoping things return to pre-covid times so she can volunteer more frequently at City Dogs Cleveland.

Her Pet Portrait website is

(Photo shows Tori and her Shitzu, Pippa.)

If you’ve got a story to share about someone in the Lakewood area who is helping pets, please send us an email using our Lakewood Dog Park contact form. 

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