Lakewood loves its dogs! The 2018 L.C.O. Chapters 505 and 506 contain the laws about animals in the City of Lakewood. Highlights in reference to dogs are:

  • All dog breeds are permitted in Lakewood. An owner’s control of their dog is important. A new
    rigorous classification for dogs and required restrictions based on aggressive behavior or injuries
    caused has been added. (Ch. 506)
  • Preventing Dogs at Large continues to be a focus. Penalties have been enhanced for loose dogs or
    dogs not controlled by someone of suitable strength. (Sect. 505.02)
  • Every dog must be registered with Cuyahoga County every year. Visit any Discount Drug Mart
    or to register. Annual registration fees are currently $20/dog. (Sect. 505.04)
  • Dog leashes must now be no more than 6 feet in length and leashes may NOT be retractable.
    (Sect. 505.02(c))
  • Enhanced animal cruelty law prohibits leaving dogs outside under unsuitable conditions which can lead to dog aggression. (Sect. 505.09)
  • Beginning September 30, 2018, all persons keeping dogs in Lakewood, including those who rent, must maintain at least $10,000 in liability insurance for injuries or damage caused by their dogs. Check with your insurance agent. (Sect. 505.24)
  • For more information, descriptions of the new dog classifications and the full language of Chapter 505 and 506 go to:

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