We’re inviting all Friends of Lakewood Dog Park to bring your pooch to our Swim Outing in Lakewood Park.

Got a dog? Got a towel? Grab them both and prepare for a wet dog celebration. Join Friends of the Lakewood Dog Park (FLDP) for the 16th annual Dog Swim at Foster Pool in Lakewood Park, 14532 Lake Ave., on Tuesday, September 7, from 5-7 PM.

The cost is $8 for the first dog and $7 for each additional dog. Proceeds will go to FLDP, the volunteer group that works with the City of Lakewood to care for the Lakewood Dog Park, provides supplies used to keep the park clean, and raises funds for dog park improvements.

For everyone’s safety, treats are not permitted anywhere in the pool area. FLDP will bring the poop bags, please use them.

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