Hours and Rules

Our hours are 8am-9pm everyday.

Please not that Hours Are Enforced The gates will be locked when the park is not open. This is for a number of very good reasons including the security and safety of our dogs and residents.  We ask for your cooperation in adhering to the hours.



Rules of the Lakewood Dog Park

The following information is taken from the City of Lakewood’s website.


  1. Keep dogs leashed when outside the fenced-in dog park area. Owners and dog handlers must keep a leash for each dog on their persons at all times. If your dog is involved in aggressive or unruly behavior, leash the dog and leave the dog park immediately.
  2. Dogs may enter the dog park if accompanied at all times by an adult owner or dog handler.  There is a limit of 3 dogs per adult owner or dog handler.
  3. The dog park is not intended for infants and small children. For safety, children under age 7 are not permitted. Children ages 7 to 17 must be accompanied and closely supervised by parent or guardian. You will be asked to leave if children are not closely supervised.
  4. Dogs must have current license and be up to date on all vaccines. Licenses, vaccine information and ID tags must be affixed to each dog’s collar and a collar must be worn by dogs at all times.
  5. To prevent aggressive canine behavior, human and dog food of any kind are prohibited.
  6. Dogs must be at least 4 months old to enter.  Dogs under 25 pounds may use the small-dog area.
  7. Toys, baby equipment and sports equipment should not be brought into the dog park.  Firearms and weapons are prohibited.
  8. Dogs in heat or pregnant may not enter the dog park.
  9. Securely close each entrance and exit gate before opening the next gate.


  1. Owners and dog handlers must be within the fenced-in area and with their dogs at all times.
  2. Owners and dog handlers must have their dogs in sight and be in control of their dogs at all times. All humans and dogs engaged in altercations or aggression will be asked to leave. Cooperation between owners and dog handlers is expected.
  3. Always clean up after your dogs. Be watchful of your dogs, and pick up and dispose of fecal waste. Biodegradable waste bags, tools and trash receptacles are normally provided. Please leave the park as clean as, or cleaner than, it was when you arrived. Please do not leave litter or cigarette butts.
  4. Please do not use profane language in the dog park.  Civility and cooperation are expected.
  5. Owners and dog handlers are responsible and liable for all damage or injury inflicted by their dogs.


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