LAKEWOOD–Some Lakewood residents got quite the surprise over the weekend while looking out their windows, and it was all caught on camera.

Many saw a coyote trotting through backyards.

A Fox 8 viewer sent us a video on Sunday:s the coyote was trotting through quickly in Lakewood, near Waterbury and Lewis Drive.

The animal cause some concern, especially for people with smaller pets.

“I would be able to assess but I wouldn’t know how to deal with it or I would just try to hide for protection,” said Aziz Syed, who was shopping in the city.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reminds that if there’s ever any coyote wildlife in your yard make sure to keep a smaller pets indoors and clap or shout to scare the animal away. Also make sure any pet food, or any items of attraction kept indoors.