Preventing Coyote Conflicts

Coyotes are cautious animals that are common throughout Cuyahoga County and all of Ohio. Coyotes have coexisted amongst us in Lakewood for years, rarely being noticed. Today, there are at least three alpha pairs, and their groups, living in Lakewood. An alpha pair lives in the Madison Park vicinity, another pair lives in the South West Corner, and the third pair in the Lakewood Park vicinity (see map.) Coyotes are located in dense urban populations all across the United States including Chicago, Los Angeles, and even New York City.

Recently, many residents have reported seeing coyotes near Lakewood Park. In February, a West Highland White Terrier named Brody, living near Lakewood Park was chased and bitten while outside at 6:45 am, in a fenced yard. Thankfully, owners Barbara and Mark Mehle did exactly what they were supposed to do. They ran off the coyote by yelling and waving their arms above their head.

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